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About Us

When you enter our shop you have right in front of you the reception area. Where we will take good care of you and help you to decide which treatment/massage you want and need this day. You can also buy/pre-order our special products here and take them with you after you finished your treatment or pick them up another day.

Before starting the massage we'll discuss the following

  • What parts of your body are affected the most in terms of pain and/or muscular tension
  • Is there anything to be aware of, like a disease or incompatibility
  • Find the goal for the massage: relaxing, relief of pain and/or tensions
When we have helped you to select witch treatment you want. You can sit down in our waiting area and start to relax before your massage.
When it´s your turn for your massage. You move over to our massage area and bed for your treatment.
When you take place on our massage bed and see our panoramic picture wall. You will feel that you are transported to a paradise beach in Thailand. You will be well looked after when you are lying and relaxes on our massage bed.

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